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Gin & Scenery

Craft Gin Tasting

Classic Cats craft gin bar houses  locally made craft gins for you to taste while admiring the beautiful scenery of Capaia Wines 


Classic Cats is passionate about beautiful scenery and Gin. If you love either then a visit to our venue on Capaia Estate  is a must. 

Our unique gin tasting allows you can select gins from the shelf, followed by a brief introduction to gin and finally you get to discover the amazing taste of our finest locally crafted gins. Should you find a gin that you simply have to take home, they also sell most of the gins that are available for tasting.

The Classic Cats gin tasting lawns is a must for any visitor planning a trip out of town.. . The gin bar is located in a smaller venue, however the lawns are massive, with tables and beanbags for you to enjoy... 


Our venue is aimed at enjoying your gin outdoors, we have ample seating on our lush green grass, or grab a beanbag and do your tasting under one of our umbrellas, either way we assure you that your tasting experience will be amazing. 

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