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Quince Gin

10 Natural Botanicals

Quince Gin is exclusively available at Classic Cats. A dry style gin, smooth, natural, delicious. Taste our classic & Barrel aged gin today. 

Welcome to a select club of Quince Gin owners.


We’re lovers of all things classic. From classic cars to classic drinks. We’re a little obsessed. Much like a classic car, a great gin is all about the time and effort that you put in. We wanted to create a craft gin that was unique and of superior quality, like an old Jaguar.


Quince Gin is a smooth, well rounded gin. Locally grown quince is added to give a subtle quince note, lemon zest to tweak the fresh flavour and then finally a pinch of spice to waken the botanicals.


Our barrel aged gin rests in American oak which allows it to mellow.


Quince gin is beautiful neat with ice. Add an Indian tonic and garnish with a zest of lemon for a refreshing Gin & Tonic.

Quince Gin is exclusively available at Classic Cats.

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