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Craft Gin Bar inside our Classic Car Showroom


Happy New Year to you!

We launched our craft Gin bar last month, and boy oh boy has it been busy. I know you are wondering, craft gin bar, what on earth am I on about so let me explain.

I like Gin, not quite as much as I like classic cars, but it's certainly my drink of choice. I always imagined having a classic car parked in my bar at home so that I could sit back with a cold gin & tonic and admire the view.

I had a lightbulb moment when the owner of Vredenheim and I were sitting drawing the new showroom on a sheet of paper. I drew a block on the side of the new building sketch and said this will be the gin bar. She looked at me, a little puzzled and said, Ok.

That was the beginning of the craft gin bar. I knew that there are quite a few gin bars around, so I had to make the bar a little different. I had the cars on my side already, but I felt like it wasn't quite enough so I added another twist, which I am hoping makes our bar stand out.

The twist allows you to choose 3 of the 47 craft gins that we have available. Rather than having to order a gin and tonic to taste each gin on the market, we pour 3 small tasters and you sample 3 small glasses of your choice. If you really like a specific gin, then you can always order a taller glass with your new found favourite gin.

We stock only locally made Gins, which I love. This places the spotlight on the smaller distilleries and all their hard work that goes into making craft Gin.

We will also soon be offering a VIP tasting experience where groups can sit in and around the classic cars and learn a little about the fascinating spirit.

We are open daily for tastings and starting from only R60pp its an affordable option and something a little different to come and try. We also offer delicious cheese platters from our neighbours, Hudson's venue and restaurant. Our stunning classics are also on display for you to enjoy with your gin.

Hoping to see you soon for a classic Gin & Tonic!


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