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What makes the perfect wedding car?


We currently have 12 cars in our fleet available for hire, some have 4 doors, some have 2 doors and others have no roof, but it's important to know what will work for your wedding day.

I simply ask brides the same question everyday, what is the main reason for wanting a car? Is it solely as a mode of transport to the venue, is the car the main arrival attraction or is the car only really needed for stunning wedding pics?

The answer to this question will reveal which car is best suited to your needs. If you answered as a mode of transport, then opt for a comfortable, luxury car. Aircon is a major factor here too. I would suggest our Jaguar XJ or if this is too modern then consider our white Mercedes Benz 200. Both these cars are comfortable, have aircon and are affordable.

If your wedding car is the main attraction as you arrive, then my advice would be to stay within a 10min drive from the church or venue. Our elegant MkVIII ladies are the perfect option for a grand entrance, however do keep in mind, although they are large comfortable cars, they are from the 1950's when aircon did not exist and open windows was then norm to keep cool.

Lastly, if the car is simply for wedding pics, and everything is at the same estate, then go wild. Our very cute Truimph takes stunning wedding pics, or go with our sexy Mercedes Benz SL. Both these cars are 2 seaters, so not ideal for taking the bridal party, but perfect for collecting the bride on the estate and then wedding pics after the ceremony.

We are the leading classic car hire company for a reason, we care about your special day and we are here to help you in making the correct choice in car rental. Pop into our showroom at Vredenheim at any stage and one of us will gladly assist you.

Keep it classic!


Classic Wedding car Hire Cape Town

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