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Wedding & Water!


I am sure if you are checking out our site, you might be getting married this year or you just love Gin! Both are awesome, and we are pretty good at providing both wedding cars and delicious gin so no need to panic on those fronts ,but I also know the Cape Town water crisis has some people really concerned.

I have received quite a few requests for wedding cars lately and then we don't hear from the couple again. This happened after the dreaded day zero was announced to be closer than we think! April! Then we received some good news this week that it has been pushed back to May. All still pretty scary.

I am unfortunately not here to tell you that I have a solution to the water issue, because I don't. I can tell you that if you are getting married this year and you are concerned about the water issue, please just breath. I know its not ideal but let me tell you why I say breath....

I have spoken to a few wedding folk in the industry and just as I suspected, the top suppliers, venues, coordinators etc are all making a plan already to ensure that your wedding day is perfect with or without water in the taps. Thats what we do for our clients.

On our side, we have invested in a waterless car cleaning system months ago already, ensuring that our cars are always looking fantastic. Its all about the small details that define a good wedding supplier.

I hope this offers you a little relief, and don't let the water issue damper your big day.


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