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What a lovely Valentines Day


I hope you all had an awesome Valentines Day yesterday. I actually had a great day. I arrived at work to find an orchid in the showroom, I thought I had a secret admirer for a moment, only to be told that it was Robyn's boyfriend who dropped it off and the orchid was only staying in the showroom for the day and then it was going home. I still think he meant for it to stay at her place of work! But she disagrees with me.

I then hopped into our 1958 Jaguar and drove to Knorhoek Wine Estate, where I had the honour of driving the bride Karin and her Dad down to the isle. It was a small service with most of the guys wearing kilts. The groom is from Scotland as I am sure you guessed. This was my first wedding on Valentines Day and I must say it was rather special. I really enjoyed the fact that the groom was dressed in full military attire, which made the Jag look even more regal.

At the classic cats Gin Bar, the ladies were serving our 3 pink gins which really made the day special for all our guests. Our 1955 Red Truimph was also on full display in the bar, to really provide the perfect setting. A pink gin & tonic before a romantic dinner sounds like the perfect start to a romantic evening.

I arrived home to find a large selection of Lindt chocolates waiting for me, all in all a great Valentines Day.

I hope you all had a great one, and if you missed our pink gin trio, don't stress, you can always come do your own pink tasting at classic cats gin bar.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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