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Have you been to our Gin tasting?


I can't believe that our Craft Gin bar is 6 months old! I am so proud and honestly blown away by the support and growth we have achieved.

I started the Gin bar with the hope that we will get a few gin lovers in on a weekend to chat about this wonderful spirt, give some insight, learn from others and their experiences on how they enjoy the perfect G&T. I never imagined that in such a short period of time we would be taking bookings of 20 people plus in one seating and to think we have regular customers or friends rather who pop in and bring friends along to experience our tastings.

I would like to thank everyone who has visited our craft gin bar, thank you for the support, the positive and negative feedback but mostly the good laughs and interesting stories that we have shared.

gin tasting in stellenbosch at Vredenheim

I think Robyn and I are having loads of fun doing the tastings and learning more and more about the industry, meeting great distillers and their support teams who we deal with.

If you still have not been, please do come check it out. Even just once. Our tasting is unique and I hope special. The gin Bar is placed in our classic car showroom, that already creates a fantastic atmosphere. We chat about the 60 gins on our shelf, help you decide on which 3 you would like to taste and then the magic starts. First you taste the spirt neat- Yes its strong and not the norm, however we want you to give it a go. Next, we add some garnish to the gin and then finally you taste the gin with a tonic added. This gives you 3 different tasting experiences.

craft gin tasting stellenbosch

If you find a gin that you just have to take home then thankfully we sell gin bottles too. If you do not drink alcohol then we have a delicious alternative just for you! A little number called Duchess. Its a virgin G&T.

We are only six months old, so there is a lot in the pipeline so please keep following us on social media @classiccatsstellenbosch to find out what we are getting up too. I can let you in on a little secret... We will very soon be adding our own gin to the shelf. Its unique and different as you would expect from Classic Cats.

Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

Gin Bottles for sale in stellenbosch

Keep drinking good gin!


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