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130+ Craft Gins available for tasting


I am amazed that in the short space of only 15months, our craft gin bar has grown from 35 craft gins to 130 and counting! This is great for consumers as it gives them so much choice and allows us a huge variety of gins to try and decide which style of gin we prefer.

I must also add that along with such a huge variety, comes poor quality too. This is obviously very sad to see, but like all booming sectors, there are always people who will make an inferior product and try cut others out the market. I don't have a problem with competition, however I do have an issue with selling something that falls short.

I love gin, I love the taste, I love the smell, I love the history, I love everything about it, so as I tell all my customers, gin is amazing in that its so forgiving. What I mean is that if you love gin with watermelon and lemonade that is perfectly fine as you enjoy it. I might not, but you drinking gin and enjoying it and that makes me happy.

The point that I am trying to get across, I started the gin bar to educate people on gin, what makes a good gin and what makes a bad one. The golden rule is always taste the gin neat! Yes, its not what you are used to and it might taste strong, but its worth it. Garnish & tonic DO NOT make a gin! The natural flavour and taste of the spirit do.

As the gin market gets larger and larger, please remember there will be cheaper gins and more options available to you than ever, but just remember taste the gin neat and you will very quickly identify a good gin from a poor quality gin.

Hope to see you at the bar soon!


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