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Classic Cats in Stellenbosch


South Africans are currently in a national lock down due to the Corona virus. This is a very scary time for everyone around the globe. Families are concerned about their health, jobs, businesses and just how this pandemic is going to effect our lives going forward.

Our business has been closed for more than 5 weeks, as have most non essential businesses in South Africa. This is a position I never imagined I would ever be in nor do I wish this on anyone. Small businesses require a huge amount of hours, sweat, tears and money. Classic Cats is like my child and I refuse to let my passion fade away, so I have decided to focus on the good times and share a few lines on what we do and why we love what we do.

Classic Cats started out as a business that rented out 3 classic Jaguars for weddings, matric farewells, winelands tours etc. We started doing this in 2007! Since we started, we have driven more than 900 times. Thats over 900 experiences, 900 smiles, 900 joyous days.

I am not sure of those 900 drives, how many I have driven but I do know its a lot! I remember my first wedding ever, I drove a bride from Belville to Hudson's at Vredenheim. I was so nervous. I also remember my first Matric farewell drive and how the Burgundy Jaguar was the most important part of this young girls evening. I have driven to Hermanus with my brother. First time going to Hermanus in my life, it was the Whale Festival on this particular day and there was no parking in town. Fortunately one of the hotel staff saw me driving around and asked me to please park in front of their hotel, just like that we had VIP parking.

I have driven two couples on a scenic drive, where the gentleman sitting at the back was actually on the most stressful drive of his life, waiting for the perfect moment to ask the lady next to him to marry him.

My cars have been used in movies, various adverts, magazines and photoshoots over the years, all of which I am incredibly proud of.

Over the years I have been part of so many peoples lives. Mostly wedding days, but many matric dances, photoshoots and winelands tours all over the Western Cape. Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Paarl, Somerset West, our classics have been all over and will continue to do so.

I know a lot of small business owners are feeling rather stressed and down at the moment, but when you having a moment, sit down and think of all the awesome times. I did and boy does it give you a new light on things.

Don't give up! Keep safe and stay strong!


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