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Winter Wedding Car Hire


I'm sorry that I have been so quiet. I have tried to write this blog three times already and somehow I always seems to get distracted. Lets try again....

I think its a good time now to tell you about having your wedding in the winter in the Winelands! Yes, its a thing. A good thing actually.

I have noticed that along with the economy, drought, and the general feeling in our country, the wedding industry has also slowed a little. Obviously this does concern me! I have a beautiful fleet of classic cars that I really enjoy sharing and it gives me great joy to be part of a special day. I would like to therefore chat about winter weddings.

I personally love the idea. Its cheaper, allowing you to treat yourself to the little extras that you have always wanted and its very intimate, ideal for smaller groups. Now let me tell you the best part...

If you make use of any of our classic cars in the month of August I will discount your booking with 10% as long as the pick up and drop off is in Stellenbosch. Its that simple... Come check out our showroom, where all our classic cars that are for rental are on display.

We are a small hands on team, that are always available to meet with you and show you your dream classic car for your wedding day.

Pop in anytime at Vredenheim in Stellenbosch and come chat classic cars.

Chat soon.


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